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Here at Kaem we continue to develop nationwide, as well as extending our operations outside of Poland.

Owing to our foreign subsidiaries in Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, and Serbia, we have achieved significant market shares in the sales of renovation and construction products. We sell our products in a total of 23 countries across Europe, while our day-to-day cooperation with our foreign partners results in a systematic increase in sales as well as the growth in the popularity of our brands in both home and European arenas. We ensure that our product range can be seen every year at the greatest international trade fair events, such as those in Moscow, Cologne and Kiev.

Additional confirmation of the validity of the directions we have chosen in the development and high quality of our products can be seen in the subsidies we obtain from EU Funds. The first group of projects concerned the development of our export activities. We met all the required criteria and qualified for the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

With regard to the implementation of an innovative brush packing, labelling and pad printing line, we have the pleasure of announcing that as of 30/09/2012 Kaem offers product marking services for:

  • Pad printing on brush handles
  • Packing brush heads into heat-shrink film
  • Labelling brushes with a bespoke customer label

We now have an automatic line for packing brush heads, as well as labelling and pad printing brush handles, together ensuring a fully-automated process. Furthermore, this line is characterised by the capability of achieving high quality and aesthetically pleasing labels, including the client’s EAN code, with great resistance to abrasion and UV rays, owing to the application of thermal transfer technology.

These KAEM services are characterised by rapid order processing for individualised brush marking.

The second category involved issues related to the introduction of modern technologies for implementing modern IT solutions. The European Union accepted our application for funding under the Sectoral Operational Programme. The project concerned increasing the competitiveness of KAEM by means of implementing a modern IT infrastructure. We also received additional support under a Phare project – Regional SME Support Programme, Information Technologies for Enterprises Programme.

We are delighted by the fact that the quality of our products are not only appreciated by Polish professionals, but also those working in the construction and renovation industry all across Europe. Therefore, we feel responsible for maintaining the continuous improvement in the quality of our products, especially with the application of the most recent production technologies. The tests and studies we conduct are intended to create products that are optimised in terms of the needs and demands of the customer.

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